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Nothing Ever Really Ends, Does it.

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Sometimes I just feel like taking a hiatus. Who the fuck knows how long, doesn’t matter. I just. I don’t know. I feel like with the way I do shit I let people down and I don’t know. I just want to be done sometimes. People are always talking about deleting their account and I’ve seen it happen to some of my favorite blogs. And I just….want to quit because I don’t want to deal with losing more people. A lot of some of my favorite blogs now are thinking about throwing in the towel and I just. Can’t. –sighs- Sometimes I want to take a break, push away from the desk and go, just get away but on another hand I don’t want to. I’m having fun rpin’ but then I see hate mail. I see people being put down and putting themselves down no matter how many people to show them they are so very fantastic and I want to throttle them.

But then there’s also the fact that I’m pretty sure I’m pissing people off with my several fucking verses and goddamit I love each and every one of you so fucking much. That’s why I didn’t want to chain Chuck to one verse. I wanted him to explore every aspect he could and then it seems to bite me in the ass because people get fucking worried or put off I’m rpin’ with ‘better people’ or whatever. You know what. That’s bullshit. You’re all so fucking lovely in your own goddamn way and you don’t seem to understand.

Maybe I should. Maybe I should just go and step away from the blog for awhile because I feel like no matter what I’m somehow hurting some person I’ve grown to care about. –shrugs- This is why I’m not given feels or the computer on 31 hours of no sleep.

-curls up in a ball in the corner- Don’t mind me.

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